Academic Consulting Agreement

Rockefeller University on Conflict of Interest and Commitment in Research policy does not allow PhD students and post-doctoral fellows to participate in non-academic compensation measures. All other auditors can devote up to 52 days per year to external activities, unless this affects their work at the university. Investigators are not authorized, as part of their advisory activities, to assist a company in obtaining intellectual property rights from the university. See the directive. At the end of each consultation agreement, investigators must review the conflict of interest policy and report significant financial interests under this directive. The report form is available at 1.5 External services. The advisor may not call on the services of another person, entity or organization in carrying out the councillor`s duties without the prior written consent of a company executive. If the company consents to the use of another person`s services, entity or organization by the consultant, no information about the services to be provided under this agreement may be disclosed to that person, entity or entity until that person, entity or organization has entered into an agreement to protect the confidentiality of the company`s confidential information (in accordance with Article 5) and the absolute and total ownership of the company of all rights, titles and interests of the work performed under this Agreement. In the end, our advice is old-fashioned, obvious, but often ignored: you should not sign a treaty without understanding what you are signing and get answers to all your questions.

You should seek the help of a professional advisor, especially if you are considering giving advice for the first time or if there are important, atypical financial or legal issues related to a particular agreement. Whatever your experience, you need to know what you are signing and its potential effects on your life before the pen is in your hand. The university does not offer legal advice to counsel and the university does not propose a legal review of guidance agreements. Investigators conclude these agreements outside of their academic duties. The university urges investigators to terminate their own legal assistance in order to inform them of their rights and obligations as part of a proposed advisory agreement. A draft consultation agreement is provided to allow investigators to inquire about what might appear in such agreements. 3.1 Compensation. The company pays the advisor monthly for the services provided to the company under this agreement. The monthly allowance is paid in the first month after the month in which the services were provided. Monthly compensation is paid regardless of the number of hours the counsellor has completed in a given month.

[Another way is to pay every hour and need monthly documentation. The monthly allowance would be reduced by the hourly rate for the number of hours that are less than the hours without hours.] Don`t think a company will be angry with you if it raises questions or negotiates better terms. The business world is used to discussions and negotiations. Use the advice agreement to define your future relationship and get things in order. You may have to live with what you have agreed for a long time. This issue came before the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011. The court suggested a trial decision that the granting of rights to HIV testing technology by a Stanford University scientist at Roche Molecular Systems Inc. replaced the former award of the scientist to Stanford, and Stanford – and the scientist – may have cost the scientist millions of dollars in royalties.

It is easy to deal with potential issues like this: just add a contractual clause stating that, regardless of what is in the consulting agreement, the IP rights of the company are subject to the intellectual property rights of the university as an employer.

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