Video Licensing Agreement Pdf

THIS artist here grants Multimedia to Intellectual Property Co., its successors and the beneficiaries of the assignment, subject to payment of the amount and registration of promotional materials in accordance with Section D, a non-exclusive and permanent right (except under section F) and licensed throughout the universe (“territory”): 1. to integrate the VIDEO into the PRODUIT and reproduce this PRODUIT on all media. , or electronically, across the country; 2. In each country of the territory, record the song, the artist`s representation of the song and the lyrics of the song only in sync or temporally with the VIDEO, and reproduce, distribute, import and sell this PRODUIT throughout the territory; 3. to place the PRODUIT on a CD-ROM platform that now exists during the lifetime or which was later developed when that agreement and the rights conferred in paragraphs 1 and 2 are exercised in relation to the version of the product carried; 4) to organize public performances and authorizations for others, the PRODUIT (and the ARTIST REGABENs, texts and VIDEO that are included) for information and advertising, advertising and advertising purposes related to the PRODUIT; and five. use the name, sobriquet, biography, photo or image of the artist and the recorded voice at no additional cost for information and for advertising, advertising and advertising related to THE PRODUIT, but not as approval of a product or service. Different types of IP can be covered in this agreement: If you have a patent on a useful technology, if you have a copyright in a popular photo, if you have protected a special image or if you own another invention or creative work with which you want to earn money, you need a licensing contract. This agreement allows you to set the terms of everything related to this specific IP address and protect your property rights, including how the licensee can use the IP, which owns the IP, which can sublicens IP, the license price for the IP and the length of time the licensee can use the IP. Without this agreement, the owner of the valuable IP would not be able to earn money with this IP address or control how the IP is used in the world. And individuals and businesses that need certain SIPs to grow their business or earn a living may not have access to it.

The following type licensing agreement includes an agreement between licensee Valerie J Toups and licensee Matthew K Jordan. Valerie J agrees to allow Matthew K Jordan to use the IP granted under the specified conditions. This ACCORD is listed on the date of and between Multimedia Intellectual Property Co. (“Multimedia Intellectual Property Co.”) and the artist identified in Appendix A (“K-NSTLER”). CONSIDERING that the artist controls the rights to a music video in accordance with Appendix A (“VIDEO”), including all copyrights on musical composition, texts, performance and sound recording, the right of performers to advertise and brand for the performer`s name; CONSIDERING that Multimedia Intellectual Property Co. is a multimedia development company that intends to integrate video into an interactive multimedia work (“PRODUIT”); and CONSIDERING that the artist wants the video to be integrated into the product; NOW, THEREFORE, given the conditions, conditions, pacts and guarantees in this context, the parties agree as follows: 1. This agreement is subject to denunciation when electing one of the parties, by written notification to the other party, if a breach has occurred in the respect or execution of a substantial confederation, a condition or agreement of the other party. , and this delay continued for a period of thirty (30) days after a written notification was made.

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