Wlu Collective Agreement

(a) a minimum annual grant covered by Article 30.11.1 of this agreement; Employee manuals and collective agreements allow new employees, current or future, to answer general questions they may have about their jobs at Laurier. Among the themes of employment at Laurier: A member may apply for a course that does not comply with the provisions of,,, and Such requests are subject to the agreement of the dean and an agreement on this agreement must be written, copied to the association It has been updated minimally on the negotiations of a collective agreement between the Association of Facultys of the University of Wilfrid Laurier (WLUFA) and Wilfrid Laurier … The WLU Staff Association (WLUSA) represents all office, office and technology employees at Wilfrid Laurier University. These dedicated individuals – more than 500 of them – devote their working time to helping gifted students and graduates, teachers and other members of the university community who are interested in lifelong learning. WLUSA offers a democratic forum in which its members develop a mutual understanding of collective needs through education in the historical and current conditions of the labour movement. This leads WLUSA to promote wider channels of communication among all university members before a member accepts a joint appointment, meets with the Vice-President: Academician, and reaches agreement on how to distribute the work of the members sharing the appointment and on the procedures used to evaluate the member for subsequent or subsequent appointments. , promotion and salary increases. With the exception of TPP-appointed members, a member is entitled to a non-pedagogical term for each academic year. The planned teaching assignments will generally be in the fall and winter of the academic year. Members who teach courses during the spring semester are entitled to a non-informative semester during the fall or winter semesters. By mutual agreement between the member and his dean, a member responsible for teaching courses awarded for 3 consecutive terms or more is entitled to two or more successive research concepts without assigned instruction.

19.1.7 When the UL or the AUL in charge of monitoring proposes substantial changes to the duties and responsibilities of a librarian, the UL or the AUL responsible for supervision first consults with the member in order to reach agreement on the proposed amendments. If a significant change in the member`s workload is made, the revised workload corresponds to workload 19.1.6 36.3.6 If the university decides that the potentially patentable discovery has nothing to do with academic activities, the member may process the patent according to its nature. The latter situation does not preclu her and the latter obstacles to a joint development agreement between the member and the university. b) a workers` representative sits as a non-voting member of the Senate Promotion and Term Committee. This person is chosen, by mutual agreement between the president and the president of the association, from a list of members approved annually by the Joint Liaison Committee. This person serves as a resource for the Procedures, Procedures and Participation Committee and provides the President and President of the Association with an annual report containing a copy to the Chair of the Senate Promotion and Term Committee. If you have any questions about The practices of Laurier staff that are not covered in manuals or collective agreements, please contact Human Resources at 519.884.0710 x2007.

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