A Church Wedding

Church wedding adds a spiritual dimension to a marriage by providing an expression of worship, reflecting joy, celebration, community and love. For such a special day, St. Thomas’ offers an intimate and friendly atmosphere and a worshipful ethos, This provides a setting for a memorable wedding service.

In addition, we provide marriage preparation courses which are run by our three Anglican churches in Beaconsfield; St. Mary’s, St. Michael’s and St. Thomas’s. If you would like more information on how you can attend one of our courses. Click here to contact Sharon by email to find out more, or click to visit our contact us page

We hope this page will answer some of your questions:

I live in Beaconsfield. Can I be married in your church? 

Probably. Provided you live in the parish, you are entitled to be married in any of the three parish churches in Beaconsfield – St Mary’s, St Michael’s, or St Thomas’. Each of the three churches is very different in feel – why not visit each one before making a decision?

But I have never been baptised? Can I still be married in your church?

Yes. You do not need to be baptised, or Christian, to be married in your Church of England parish church.

But I have been married before. Can I still be married in your church?

That depends. You will need to speak to the vicar.

I grew up in Beaconsfield but moved away and now live elsewhere. Can I still be married in your church?

There are a number of qualifying connections which now enable you to be married here. If you lived in the parish for any period of at least six months – or if your parents did during your lifetime – you can still be married here. There are a number of other qualifying connections – best to talk to the vicar about it.

How much will it all cost?

Fees are set by the Church of England, however fees for flowers, organist and heating can be agreed.

What about hymns and Bible readings – how do I find out what to have?

We will help you to choose readings, hymns, music and guide you through the whole process.