Some of MAF’s Work


James Cousins, a Tearfund Project Support Co-ordinator in South Sudan, flies regularly with MAF. ‘Flying in a small plane offers an excellent vantage point,’ he explains. ‘In the air, I appreciated for the first time the vast empty scale of Jonglei, the largest of South Sudan’s 10 states. 

There is little but scrub and marshland as far as the eye can see.’ Read More...

These flights are Tearfund’s main way to bring personnel and goods in and out of Jonglei, where they provide safe water, nutrition and sanitation. During the rainy season, Tearfund also relies on MAF to transport staff, food and essential supplies. 

Although it’s possible to drive during the dry season, a two-day journey across pitted tracks is long and dangerous, but takes little over an hour by air. James says ‘travelling with MAF is both quicker and safer – a much better option all round!’

Soon after an MAF plane lands, the runway is lined with people. ‘The arrival of an MAF flight is always a cause for celebration, not least because of the arrival of fresh fruit and vegetables!’ exclaims James.



When relief organisations such as Samaritan’s Purse and Operation Blessing respond to crises, MAF aircraft can take off and land on short, rugged airstrips to reach those in greatest need – and fast.

Relief work is more easily coordinated through our communications systems, essential when phone connections and electrical power are out.


“Our pilots enable community development by transporting relief and mission staff and vital supplies to enable agricultural, educational, economic and development projects in hard-to-reach places.”

Through these partnerships, MAF helps improve living conditions and enables thousands of families to develop safe, healthy, and productive communities.