Oasis Bereavement Support Group


Oasis Bereavement Support Group

Grieving takes time.
As people move in and out of the stages of grief, they may need some social support and a sense of shared experience to help see them through.
This group will offer a safe and supportive environment for people to process the loss, come to terms with their feelings, and support others in similar circumstances.
Although grieving is a natural process which can be helped by the sympathy and
understanding of family and friends, sometimes a person may need support to work through it in a different way.
It is quite normal for someone who has been bereaved to feel a whole range of emotions as well as the pain of loss. These feelings need to be expressed rather than repressed, to be talked out or cried about.

We are starting an ‘Oasis Bereavement Support Group’ open to anyone who has been
bereaved in the last 12 months or so.

We would like to invite you to any of our meetings.We meet  on the Second Thursday of each month from 2.30 – 4pm in the Lounge of St Thomas’ Hall.

Home-made cakes and tea will be served.

For more details please contact Christine Adali on
07957 634181